Today is my 27th birthday. And I can not believe it! It boggles my mind that I am a 27 year old person.

I am hesitant to say adult, the reason being I dont fully feel as if I am an adult yet. Yes maybe in age, but the rest of me is still clinging to those last few strands of pre-adulthood.
Recently when I read blogs by people my age, or see status updates and things, I get the feeling we are all on the same page, with adulthood, its like we have all made this unconcsious decision to put it off tillĀ  30.
30 is the new adult, anything before, is preperation.
Your 20s have kinda become this exploration age. Where you find your feet, figure out yourself, and what you want. We as 20 somethings have created this unwritten rule where we dont put pressure on ourselves, we allow ourselves to screw up, change our minds, careers, selves. And its awesome. It means when we do enter our 30s we have a foundation, we know what we want, and we will be the adults we want to be.

So heres to 3 more years of pre-adulthood, they gonna be epic šŸ™‚



Psy-Changeling Series by Nalini Singh


O be still my beating heart but I love this series.
It is probably the best supernaturalĀ  series I have ever read.

So far there are 14 books in the series. Starting with Slave to Sensation.
Its set in the year 2079, and revolves around the 3 races of the planet. The humans, the psy and the changelings.
I literally cant even sum it up for you, because it is so indepth, unique and complex. It captures you from book one and refuses to let go. Its one of those series that you want to wrap yourself in and escape the world with. Each book is unique, each charector is different and real. The females are strong, independent and relatable. While the males are just on a whole other level. I want my future hisband to read this series and take notes, cos the men are the most romantic charectors I have ever read. I think when Nalini Singh wrote them she created every possible version of the perfect man.Ā 

As of yesterday I have read all the books in the series, and am currently experiencing the worst case of book depression I have ever had. I literally do not know what to do now. I feel like my best friend has moved to another planet.

So while I try deal with my horrible case of withdrawl, head over to your nearest library, (yes those still exist, shock horror.) Or download them, but do yourself a favour and have your world changed by this series.

Here is the Goodreads link: http://www.goodreads.com/series/41454-psy-changeling


The Rainbow Debate


Unless you have been living under a rock for the past week, you would have heard that America legalised gay marriages, and as such profile pictures across social media are being adorned in a rainbow, to show support.

This show of support has started a very fierce debate, especially amoungst  christians. Many christians believe we should not change our picture to the rainbow, because christians should not support this decision.

Now I am a christian, a very strong one. And I changed my profile picture beacuse I do support this decision. The reason I support it is very simple,
I believe in equality for all, and freedom of choice.
God created all humans equal and we are first and foremost all humans. Therefore we are all equal. We all should have equal rights, equal opportunities and more importantly we all should have the freedom to choose how we live our lives.
God Himself gave us that freedom, therefore no individual, no government, no religion, and  no court, has the right to take that freedom away.

I know its not that simple for alot of people, and I know many wont agree with me, and this debate will never end, but I also know that life isnt black and white, its a multitude of beautiful colours, and every single person has the right to experience them all.

Am I a feminist?

Ive never really thought much about feminism, never really paid much attention to the debate of feminist and what they stand for. Heck I barely even know what feminism means.

I mean yeah Ive always believed that even though men and woman are very different, we are all equal, no sex is above the other. But Ive never considered myself a feminist.

Recently however Ive had to ask myself “am I more of a feminist that I thought”?

When looking for books,I find myself annoyed with all the ones that have weak female charectors. Woman that were misreable, insecure “ugly”, lost souls, until a big beautiful man swept them off their feet. Im sick to death of the hundreds of books about sexy millionairs who sweep in and dominate some poor female, who had no life before them. No. I want to read about the fierce, strong woman who saves herself, who knows her worth not because of some man, but because of herself.

To my great horror Im even questioning my beloved Disneys princesses. Im starting to not see them through the eyes of a little girl, but rather through those of an adult woman, who sees the damage in watching sleeping beauty lie in a bed, just waiting for her prince to save her. Im finding Id rather watch Mallificent or read The Sleeper and The Spindle. The stories where the woman are their own heros, where they dont need to fall in love to be happy.

Do these feelings make me a feminist? Have I suddenly found some form of feminism within myself? Will I suddenly not want to dress my daughter in pink one day, in case Im pushing societys ideals of what a woman should be onto her?

Is any of this even what feminism is about?

Or am I just seeing the independ female that I am, for the first time in my life?


Dj the new rock star

If you needed confirmation, the new volvo ad featuring Avicii confirmed it, Djs are officially the new rock stars.
They everywhere from volvo ads to colabs with some of the biggest names in hip hop, pop, and rock.
They taking over. And Im loving it.

For years djs like David Guetta have been making sick beats, travelling the world and rocking some of the biggest festivals around.
But only in the last 2 or so years have they become main stream. And landing a volvo ad is about as main stream as youĀ  get.
Djs have officially become house hold names.

Heres the ad

Ive fallen in love with you


I have fallen in love with you,
The type of love where all those love songs and pinterest sayings make sense. The type of love that changes a persons world.
A love that I am so sure and confident in, that when you say you love me, I feel it right down into my bones.

I have fallen in love with you,
and I have never been more sure of who I am and what I want, becauseĀ  you fill all the empty parts of me andĀ  make me whole.
You make me braver and stronger,not because you give me strength, but because you show me the strength Ive had in me the whole time.
You see the person I want to be.

I have fallen in love with you,
my soul mate, my friend, my hero and my future.
You are the person I prayed for, dreamed of and the person my soul has been looking for.
You are my summer,
and I will love you forever and always.

Into The Woods


Yesterday I went with Aimee to watch Into The Woods and boy was I impressed.

The talent of the actors in the movie is amazing, Pitch Perfect doesnt prepare you for the awesome talent of Anna Kendricks voice, Emily Blunt is not only musically gifted but her comedic timing is effortless, James Corden is just wow, and as for meryl Streep o man but what a woman. Not only is she getting more beautiful as she ages but she also seems to be getting more talented. If you are a Meryl fan you have to see this movie. She is spellbounding

The story line is fresh and intresting, its funny and heart warming as well as incredibly entertaining.

In my opinion its two and a half hours of pure brilliance.

It is one of those movies you instantly want to buy on dvd so you can watch it again and again.

Do yourself a favour and head to your nearest cinema and watch is ASAP!!